Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Art of Procrastination

So I, like many other fellow yogis bound for LA in a few weeks, am trying to learn as much of the dialogue as I can before I start TT. ( "Dialogue" being the very specific instructions for each 26 postures that we must be able to say during class.) The thought behind this being that the more I learn now, the more sleep I get in training. We have all heard the stories of how much sleep deprivation we have to put up with for the nine weeks - mostly due to the fact Bikram doesn't need more than 3-4 hours sleep per night and therefore thinks the same for us. Oy! Even after 3 years of practicing, I am still waiting for the magical "needing less sleep benefit" to kick in. For now, I'm still an 8 hours a night gal.

Anyhow, so in light of this you'd think I'd be pretty motivated to get studying eh? Yeah well, for the first few weeks, yes, but I'm now 5-6 weeks into it, (and I'm not even half way through the damn dialogue) and though the rationalle is still there, the motivation is waning. Call it whatever you want, but the voice in my head, my monkey mind gets distracted by anything, and I mean ANYTHING.

Oh look, a bird just flew by...............................

(You're starting to get the picture eh :-)

It is amazing what one will do in lieu of what you "should" be doing. My house has never been cleaner, things never more "unnecessarily" organised. I've googled everything imaginable about yoga, and spent hours on the Yoga Training Facebook page, talking to fellow yogis about REALLY important things! lol

I'm procrastinating now even as I write this post. Gee I feel like I could write for hours. Hey its better than studying that bl**dy dialogue. But I really should sign off and start memorizing that Bow Pose. Hey look, another bird just flew by.....................