Friday, April 22, 2011


We've made it through the first week! You can't believe how good it feels to know we have only ONE class tomorrow and then the rest of the weekend is free. What pure bliss. Everything through the week is on such a tight schedule that it will be so nice to just sit down and not have to be somewhere.

Its Easter Friday and so as a treat Bikram has given us the evening off and we don't have to back for a lecture and / or movie tonight. Honestly that was the best news we had heard all week. Free time is SO precious here! Its a long weekend at home and so everyone will be enjoying 4 days off. OMG You can't imagine how jealous I am. Not that I don't want to be here but that I would love 4 days off in a row!

They have started making us sign in for all our classes and lectures now (which means you are signing in 4 times a day). All are compulsory and if you miss one or even forget to sign in for one you have to do a make up class on Saturday morning. My goal for TT is to NEVER EVER EVER have to do a make up class. Thanks, but NO thanks. Eleven classes a week is going to be well and truely enough.

So as you can imagine getting 430 people anywhere takes bloody ages. You line up and wait for an elevator (and hope when if finally does get to your floor that its not already jammed full with yogis :-0) Then you line up to sign in, then line up to get a towel, then line up to get into the yoga room, line up for that last toilet break, etc etc you get the idea. And its like that all day whenever you go anywhere.

So far I'm coping with it all ok. My roommate is lovely and we have got our little routines worked out etc so we manage to eat and get everywhere on time. What is strange is that I haven't even stepped outdoors in nearly a week. These pics are the view from our room, my only contact with the outside world. Otherwise the view is the inside 4 walls of the yoga room or the lecture room.......

Needless to say I am hanging out for the weekend and some time to even just get out and feel the sun for a while and breath natural air rather than A/C. Its amazing how its the small things like that, that we are already starting to really appreciate. There are all the big obvious "buzz" things like all the people you get to meet, the amazing teachers we get to connect with, Bikram himself and the whole TT experience, but its the little things that you take for granted out there in the real world that we now really appreciate. Some of the more random ones that make the difference between a good day and a bad one:

1. Still finding ice in the ice machine (I don't know what time people start getting up around here and getting ice for their water botttles for morning class but the ice machine is ALWAYS empty on our floor? Which then results in having to go up and / or down to other floors to raid theirs)

2. Catching the elevator to class or lectures and having it arrive empty or still with enough room that you can actually get into it. With 430 yogis over 6 floors you can imagine the rush hour traffic jam in the elevators.

3. Finding yourself alone for any period of time.

4. Going to bed on the same day that you got up. (Has only happened once so far)

5. A space in the hot room where you can lie down without anybody's feet on your head, or stuff in your space.

6. But the best of all: Finding that your water is still cold at the end of class! Heaven. Yes after going 2 years with pretty much never even taking water to class I have already resigned myself to taking water WITH ice into the class with me! Mind you its just one regular water bottle, I haven't got a "water tower of shame". Some people look like they are prepared to spend a week hiking in the outback with all the supplies they bring in. lol

Well, I think thats all my thoughts for today. We're searching the TV channels in hope of a good movie and going to settle in, eat some popcorn and prob fall asleep within minutes. Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone ;-)

P.S. This morning's class was taught by Brandy, who is the current world champion. I loved it and had a strong class that made me feel like I was finally getting into my groove with things. Lets just hope it lasts! :-) She had some comments I wanted to record but they have totally slipped my mind for now? Lets hope they come to me later :-)