Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Yoga Class Spring TT 2011

I think the smiles say it all!

But whats with the coke you ask?

Because Bikram drinks Coke through class, this time we all took in Coke of our own to drink at "party time" the first official water break. He joined us of course but later wondered why we didn't have more energy?

To be honest warm Coke isn't particuarly appealing. But I have to admit to having drunk tonnes of it since being here. After class when its straight out of the fridge its like liquid gold! :-)

I have to add, that one of my goals was to never leave the hot room and I am proud to say that I achieved it. Though I can't say there weren't days when I didn't want to run from the room screaming, that was generally when we were in the lecture room not the hot room. LOL!

Rajashree's Last Class Spring TT 2011

Pic at top: The beautiful Rajashree, Bikram's wife for those who don't know her. A world yoga champion in her own right. She is without doubt the saving grace of this organisation and I wish we could have seen more of her.

Gemma, Nazreen and I - girls from my group who I shall miss dearly :-)