Monday, June 13, 2011

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Its the start of the final week, only 4 days, 8 yoga classes to go. This is the week they promised us they would "put it all together" and so we had to "stay focused". That we would be getting those last few invaluable skills and those pieces of essential knowledge that would help us come away as teachers.

So we should all be on a high right! Well, it started off that way as we settled in for our first lecture of the day. Everyone sitting at attention in their seat, ears pricked, eyes forward. Notebooks in hands, pens hovering over paper eager to record those essential key pieces of information that were going to "put it all together" for us so that we could step into our home studios with confidence.

Alas, it was not to be so. Instead we were met with yet another agonizing display of poor presentation. Just when you thought the bar couldn't possibly be set any lower, it dropped down yet another rung on the ladder of disappointment.

What I did learn in the 4 hour afternoon lecture today:

- that the veins on my left wrist stand out a lot more than the veins on my right wrist
- that my girlfriend's earrings came from a shop in London
- that if you eat cherry tomatoes straight after a Tic Tac they don't taste so good
- that an acronym for the 7th set of Pranayama breathing is D's Fete
- that the 6th set of exhale breathing in Pranayama is the same as the 3rd
- that there were 116 ceiling tiles in the portion of the ceiling above me
- that there were 2 light bulbs out in the portion of the ceiling above me
- that I need a pedicure

I think you get the idea. We are due back there at 9:30pm for another "lecture" with Bikram. Which reminds me, I must remember to take my dialogue with me so that I can learn the 2nd set of Pranayama breathing.