Monday, May 23, 2011

And Week 6 Begins......

Well its back to doubles for me this week. Lets hope the old bod is up for it. Actually I'm really looking forward to it. Yoga being what I came here to do and all.

In saying that, it was still with some intrepidation that I went in for this aft's class. Bikram was teaching and he was in a pretty good mood, but held us in some of the postures for a-g-e-s while he corrected some people's postures.

It felt like we were in Standing Head to Knee 4-EVA and I didn't have a show of getting my head down to my knee and holding for that length of time. I managed to stay in Triangle for what seemed like eternity but only because Bikram was looking our way (we were on the 3rd line today right up near the podium) and I didn't want to get yelled out. Pretty good motivation really and amazing what one can do when one feels there is no option to come out of the posture! (Insert Grimace face here)

We had two Posture Clinics today as apparently we are behind schedule and need to catch up. This pic is of some of the girls and Lady Gaga from our group. Nicholas, his real name, had the envious task of delivery Tadasana / Tree Pose to a Lady Gaga song - hence from now on he will forever be known as the Lady Gaga performer.

My dialogue is coming along ok. I am trying to stay ahead of the game but I definitely don't feel as comfortable as I did with the Standing Series which is to be expected I guess since I'm learning the Floor Series on the fly. And a lot of the Floor postures are quite short and so we get through two in a day. Oy...... So I'm trying not to be the perfectionist and just enjoy what I'm doing, but I have to admit to getting pretty frustrated with it. Like in my yoga practice sometimes I feel "stuck" and that I'm not getting anywhere with it. So lets hope I have a break through in the days ahead and feel like I'm making progress :-)

Its interesting observing and listening to others and how they are feeling at this stage. There is definitely tension amongst the ranks. The woman who taught our class this morning got a huge round of applause when in Savasanah she told us how by week 6 she wasn't enjoying herself at all. I guess there is a lot to be said for shared suffering. She said the had put on weight, she was over it, and certainly didn't feel she would be ready for teaching. Yet somehow it all magically came together for her and 2 weeks after graduation she taught her first class and has been in love with teaching ever since.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel for us, and I just have to hold on to that dream of becoming a yoga teacher and hope it sees me through :-)