Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Post

I haven't been able to write a post for the past two days. First, because the internet has been slow with all the yoga peops using it so its impossible to get on line, and secondly because I've actually needed the time to study the infamous dialogue..........

We're now up to Floor Bow, posture # 19 so we're nearly there! With 26 postures in total it means the end is in sight. Yay!

So some notes from the last few posture clinics for which we have been working through the Floor Series:

From Jenna (?) who has a studio in Manhatten and was AWESOME!

- Think how are you going to get the students to do the posture when they can't see you?
- How can you give them energy?
- Learn to use your voice, emphasize the actions, express passion.
- You have to learn how to "perform the dialogue"
- Kill them with kindness - smile. Let them know you want them to do this posture even though it hurts so much / its hot / they're tired etc etc, because its going to be SO good for them! And let them know you're not going to settle for anything less than 100% effort. Yikes!
- When you are pushing the students - SMILE :-)

And the one I have to remind myself all the time: Do you want to be perfect or a great yoga teacher?

I think that last one resonates with a lot of us here. Its SO frustrating when you know the dialogue perfectly but then get up to deliver it and screw it up. But, as they keep telling us we have to get over ourselves and just get on with it. Easier said than done as I have already said many times.

But like so many teachers remind us, we have the rest of our lives to deliver the dialgoue, so if you screw up a couple of times in posture clinic does it really matter? CHILL OUT MAN! :-)

Anyway, I was looking back over my notes and have noticed that the way I am memorizing the dialogue has changed and now instead of just coming up with acronyms and little rhymes to remember what lines come next I am actually thinking about the posture and how it fits the body, and how I would like to say it, what words to emphasize etc.

For tonight's posture - Full Locust I really thought about how to get someone to do the posture by just using my voice, changing the speed and where I put emphasis etc and it all came together really well. So I guess thats a sign of progress which I am thrilled about- because lately I have felt really "stuck" with where I am at.

I have lots of other notes from yoga classes that I would like to add but its now after 1pm so I'll finish up here and hopefully get time to write them up on the weekend. :-)