Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ardha Chandrasana Kiwi Style

I finally got my chance to go up and deliver the dialogue for Ardha Chandrasana in front of Bikram and the class today. Apparently I sounded very natural and did well but it went by in a blur and was over before I knew it. The words just seem to come out of my mouth without me having to think about them. (A good thing I hope) Bikram said afterwards, "no comment" which is equivalent to a compliment from him. i.e. It at least meant there was nothing bad he needed to say. So I send a little prayer of thanks to my Angels of communication whom I asked to come up with me. :-)

We only have about 60 yogis to go now so this part of the dialogue will soooooooon be finally over. Yay! I understand the reason behind having to hear everyone do it etc but its getting harder to stay present through the endless hours of hearing the same words repeated over and over. And the peops are getting restless too which means there's lots of under-the-breath chatter etc which makes it harder to concentrate.

Anyway, we had another class with the lovely Emmy this morning. I just love her classes as I learn so much from her.

The points I wanted to note from her class today:

There are 4 things we must have in our practice:
1. Frequency
2. Intention
3. Precision
4. Mindfulness

Awkward posture - She spoke about the position of the feet and how if they tend to flare in it equates to weak pelvis muscles, and if they flare out then your pelvis muscles are too strong. If its natural for them to be a perfect letter "H" then your muscles are in balance.

Triangle - step out wide enough from the start so that when you bend your knee to sit down you don't have to shuffle your feet which often throws your alignment out.

Sit up - to roll like in Rabbit posture, tuck your chin in and look at your stomach on the way up. Its about rolling in and compressing rather than a stretching posture.

Some notes from other classes I had forgotten. I think it was Miranda's class on Saturday morning when she was stressing the importance of Savasanah and how you must learn to lie still. She said, when in your life is doing absolutely nothing the correct thing to do? Make the most of it! What is more important your hair / costume / water bottle or your spine?

This afternoon's class was taught by Bikram who was in a great mood and so he was bopping around on stage and dancing etc. Which is really funny so long as you're not IN a posture while he's having a little boogie. Oy!

I am really enjoying his classes and so long as you don't take anything he says too personally his sense of humour really cracks me up at times. He has great energy and gets away with saying things nobody else could. i.e. Who else is able to shout at someone, "do you understand fucken English? What the fuck are you doing?" Baaahhaaaaahhaaaaa. It totally cracks me up and only Bikram can carry that off. Mind you I haven't yet been the one he's yelling out, so it may feel completely different then!

Tonight its back for a lecture with him. No dialogue clinic. Yee friggin ha! I'm looking forward to hearing what topics will be discussed and what he has to say. Will fill you in tomorrow :-)