Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Month to go

One month till Training starts! Counting the days now. The past month has been a blur of yoga, yoga, and more yoga. And then, any spare time outside of yoga classes has been spent studying the dialogue. Oy. What a task that has been!

I worked out that based on the fact, I would practice on average say 5 times per week, x 3 years, it makes for 780 classes. Now you would think that having heard the dialogue 780 times that I would already know it by heart! But No. Yet, I can remember every damn word to songs on the radio, even the ones I don't even like? Huh?

The only good thing to come with realising this, is that it means when I'm in class, I am truely present, and not anticipating what the next movement will be, but rather waiting until the instruction is given. Well, I am hoping this is the case. Either that, or I have managed to kill off some of those handy memory cells by too much partying in years gone by.

Of course the fact that the dialogue has been loosely translated from Indian into English doesn't help. The grammar is neither American or English and some of the phrases leave you wondering. How do you, "think very deeply about your standing leg"? Or bend your body in half to look "like a Japanese has sandwich"? Strangely enough though, it all seems to make sense when you're in the room doing the posture - with your "smiling happy face" of course! :-)

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