Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back in the City of Angels

We're back in Hollywood today. I just love saying that! Only 2 days now till Training starts. I have to admit I kind of just want to get into it. Getting to LA early was great and have seen some amazing places, but now I'm ready for the yoga.

Mind you in saying that, today we went and did another class at the Bikram studio in Silverlake and I came out feeling like I'd been hit by the yoga bus. Ugh. The room was extra hot (as the outdoor temp has risen a bit) and I wasn't properly prepared i.e. had just been sitting in a car for 3 hours and was probably not hydrated enough nor had had any food.

So the thought of feeling like that twice a day 6 days a week doesn't exactly thrill me. And if what previous teachers have said is true, then coming out of class feeling smashed is EXACTLY how I'm going to feel. Oh dear, why am I doing this again? Did I not just write, that I want to get to Training?!

It all drives home just how important proper eating and arriving to class hydrated is. I think because the last few classes have felt relatively comfortable (well as comfortable as spending 90 mins in a hot room can be!) I was probably a little cocky....... not any longer!

Anyway, after a massive salad and a sit in the sun for an hour I'm feeling back to my old self. Though I certainly can't even entertain the idea of going back and doing a "double" (a second class in the same day). Oy!

I am looking forward to getting settled in and unpacking. Living out of a suitcase is driving me mad. Gosh, I am such a creature of habit. I like having a routine and everything in its place. You could call it "anal-retentive", but I prefer "organised" myself and even 3 years of yoga hasn't changed that about me!

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