Monday, April 11, 2011

The Big Sur - "The Greatest Meeting of Land & Sea"

Today we drove up The Big Sur (The Big South Country), which is the scenic highway approximately 300 miles north of LA and 150 miles south of San Fransisco (our final destination).

It is 90 miles of rugged, beautiful coastline and the views were stunning. Some if it was as I had imagined CA but I did think it would be more sandy. (I guess if I'd spent more time updating my American geography I would know to expect more than palm trees and sandy beaches!)

Each corner gave way to even more spectatcular views than the last and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, so it was a perfect day, though still pretty chilly.

Along the way we saw a colony of sealions, and of course at each rest stop were the ever present Squirrels - always fun to watch.

We finished today's drive at Monterey Bay (just south of San Fran) and went for a look around the Penninsula which is famous for the golf course where the US Golf Open was held in 2010. (I say that like I knew it, but I have to admit to reading it in the brochure :-)

The Pennisula is also a playground for the rich and richer and the drive around their homes is a tourist attraction in itself. Its hard for me to even comprehend what life with that kind of wealth would be like....... Maybe next time around? I wonder if it would only prove that money doesn't buy happiness?

Plan is to start tomorrow with a Bikram class and then head up to San Fransisco. Really looking forward to looking around there as have heard great things about the city.

Less than a week now till TT. Oh man..........

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