Monday, April 25, 2011

Into the 2nd Week

So Monday is here again already and we're into our 2nd week.

Class this morning was ok. I felt totally ready for a class after having had some time off but paid big time for having eaten all that junk food over the weekend. As I well know, what I eat has a direct correlation to how I'm going to feel in class, and fries, coke and processed food means I'm going to feel like I'm trying to stretch concrete. Ugh. To make matters worse the room was not very hot at all and so I didn't feel I got hot enough to stretch all those toxins out.

Anyway, its was a stunning day so after class I managed to squeeze in an hour by the pool before heading to posture clinic for more, you guessed it, Ardha Chandrasana dialogue. Oy! We have been at this for days now and I still haven't managed to even get my name on the list of people waiting to go up in front of the group and Bikram, so who knows when I will get my turn. Needless to say its hard to stay interested and motivated considering we must have heard over 300 yogis get up and say the same piece now, but I CAN say it will be imbedded in my brain 4 EVERRRRRRR!

Bikram took the class this afternoon and is definitely starting to push us a little harder and has less patience with people who aren't listening and making the necessary corrections. Which is to be expected and I don't feel he is asking us to do any more than you would expect from a teacher's practice, which is what we're all here to become!

I am suprised at some of the bad habits some people have and realise how well the teachers at our home studio have taught us basic discipline - so I thank you all as it has mean't there are things I just don't have to worry about (like wiping sweat, adjusting my towel, unnecessary moving around during and between the postures.)

Then after class it was back to the lecture room for more dialogue clinic. Bikram only kept us till midnight so it was an early night by TT standards thankfully as I'm feeling really tired. Seems I still haven't caught up on sleep from last week.

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