Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

So we are starting to get a taste of what life for the next 9 weeks is going to be like. Bikram kept us up till 4 a.m. this morning watching a Hindu movie. Oy! It was obviously a movie he really enjoyed and afterwards he had some really insightful comments about yoga and its place in the world and the beautiful way that it doesn't discriminate against anyone no matter what colour, sex or race etc which is a rarity these days.

I would have liked to have taken notes as some of the things he said were so eloquent but honestly at 4 a.m. my brain just was not functioning. We will have plenty more lectures with him so hopefully the topic comes up again - and hopefully at a more reasonable hour.

The class this morning was taught by Emmy who is a reknowned teacher and adored by many. She was fabulous, looks stunning for her age (86!) and had such energy. Unfortunately for me, it was my worst class to date as I felt totally nauseous through the whole class and spent most of the time just trying not to throw up. I couldn't even drink water - hence the "Thirsty Thursday" title for this post.

(I have a heap of notes from her class I want to write about but will have to wait till Saturday as simply don't have time tonight. Along with more pics to upload but the internet service runs so slowly with everyone using it all at once in what little spare time we have.)

I came back from class and lay down until it was time for the posture clinic to start by which time I started to feel marginally better and could actually get some food and liquids down. My food of choice? Peanut butter sandwich. How random considering I never eat it at home but my roommate had some and it as the ONLY thing that didn't make my stomach turn at the thought of eating it. So the random food cravings everyone warns about have started already.

Then it was back to the lecture room where more yogis delivered their half moon dialogue. We are over the 200 mark but there are still 230 to go so we'll be doing it for a few more days yet.

Bikram took this afternoon's class and I rocked it and felt the best I had all day. I nailed all the postures, did what felt like my best standing bow posture since arriving here, AND got my appetite back. This time I had an unrelenting craving for french fries - so thats what I got. Disgusting greasy fries - upsized, with a burger and coke - upsized. And I devoured EVERY bit of it. Heaven!

So now we're about to head back to the lecture room where I will sit back and digest and watch the show...... :-)

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