Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yoga in SF

Got up and did the 6am class at Global Yoga in San Fransisco this morning. The location of the studio dictated which hotel we stayed at, so it was within walking distance - tho at 5:30am in the morning it made for rather a cold walk!

It was a great class. Hot with far less humidity than we're used to, which is like all the others studios we have been to over here so far. Though I am under no illusion that the classes at TT will be like that. I'm sure they will figure a way to get that humidity cranked up! It just makes such a difference to your ability to breathe.

The Instructor was great, gave us a lot of individual detailed instruction and the class had a nice rhythm. There were some noticeable differences which are similar to the postures we do in the Advanced Series.

That is, no warming up in Pada-Hastasana, just get straight into it. For Dhanurasana /Bow they put their L arm straight up first and then grab the foot with the R hand and get into the pose. Then hold the posture for as long as possible, which was great for getting out of that comfort zone of only holding for 20 seconds!

Also, no towel in Sasangasana / Rabbit, which was the same at the Monterey studio and is an Advanced posture. Very hard to do with moisturizer on. Oy.

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