Friday, May 6, 2011

1/3 - One third - Won Thurd

Check out these smiling happy faces! Yes we're a third of the way through our training. I'm not sure how I feel about that? But this pic was taken after class this morning, and I think the smiles were as much to do with the fact we all had a great class, as it was the fact that the class was over and as its Friday it means the weekend is just around the corner :-)

Ironically after writing my post the other day where I was saying how boring I found some of this, I came across an article that Emmy Cleaves had written about Bikram yoga. In it she was asked if she ever got bored with doing the same 26 postures every day and she said, no, that it was a chance to develop patience and mindfulness. Oh....... I might have known there would be a lesson like that in there. I guess I have a ways to go then.........

Anyway, its now Friday night and we've just finished posture clinic. So instead of relaxing with friends and sharing a meal and a vino I found myself standing on a podium delivering Eagle posture dialogue in front of 40 yogis. A far cry from what I would normally be doing, but hey thats life at TT!

I had no problem remembering the dialogue (but then Eagle is one of the easier postures to remember :-) and am actually starting to try and really connect the words with the bodies. Sounds easy but sometimes the connection isn't very obvious visually as there are often lots of little things happening that aren't very big movements. And I have to admit that sometimes I just say things because I know thats the next line but don't really understand why it has to be that way?

Which is something I hope we get to spend more time on so that I have a real knowledge of the technique in all the postures and why things are done the way they are, rather than just doing them because thats what it says in the dialogue.

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