Sunday, May 22, 2011

The 27th Posture

Did I mention we've added a 27th posture to our practice? Well not officially but there is a daily ritual after class that we call the "27th posture".

Its walking back up all the flights of stairs to your room. Ugh as if 90 mins of yoga wasn't enough but its better than fighting 430 sweaty yogis for the elevator. The Hot Room is on the 2nd floor and so it means 4 flights of stairs for moi but there are others that live on the 9th floor so I shouldn't complain too loudly.

We have also gained some new body parts according to the dialogue - hands-palms and leg-heels. We can "cross our arms each other" (no thats not a typo on my behalf), "think very deeply about our standing leg" make it a "lamppost" and at times only have one leg. Ha ha ha ... ok I know its not that funny but I'm trying to find humour anywhere I can! I've been studying dialogue all weekend and its doing my head in. After a while none of it makes sense.

Speaking of which, Full Locust Pose awaits................time to fly.

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