Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poolside View

Well its not much of a view actually looking at a construction site and the back of some old utility buildings surrounded by concrete. Certainly if I was going to spend a summer in LA I would not choose to be spending it at some shitty hotel pool. :-(

But I wanted to put the pics up so that when you read in a post that I was outside by the pool you don't have a vision of us all laying on luxurious lounge chairs by a fabulous pool with waiters serving cocktails! lol

Ok......... grumbling over. I've been spoilt by living on the Gold Coast for too long and seeing all the beautifully manicured landscaped pool areas surrounding all the hotels there and having access to miles and miles of beautiful coastline.

I should just be thankful that the sun was shining and I was able to get out of the hotel room at all. I get cabin fever from being locked up in rooms with air conditioning all day and night. None of the windows open anywhere, all the lecture rooms are internal and we don't have balconies off our rooms so you can easily go all day without stepping outside and getting any fresh air and natural sunlight. Hard for a beach loving gal like moi.

The worst part is walking out of the Hot Room where you have been cooking for 90 mins in 40 degree heat and are totally wet with sweat, out into the air conditioned hallways. Ugh! Bloody freezing, and according to Dr Preddy (our Anatomy teacher) quite dangerous as it really stresses your system out after working so hard in the heat to then hit the icey temperatures.

Hmm ...... No comment.

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