Thursday, March 31, 2011

Officially Unemployed!

Today is my last day of work. Which of course I can't even pretend to be upset about. But the realisation that I am actually going to TT is starting to hit me.

Finishing work today will be the first major change in my lifestyle that is a tangible indication of things to come. Up till now, I've been taking more classes, studying the dialogue, etc, but other than that its still been work 5 days a week and things have ticked on as they always have.

So by the end of today I will be unemployed, have no company car, phone or laptop. By the weekend, I'll have no fixed abode and all my possessions will be in storage, just leaving me with my yoga mat and the ever present dialogue under my arm.

I am officially on my way to becoming a yoga teacher in training. Wow! SO exciting. I am crapping my yoga pants. But wow! And for now, its off to celebrate :-)

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  1. you're so inspiring! and hilarious...i snorted out loud at "crapping my yoga pants." p.s. that picture is GORGEOUS!