Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making the "Blog" Official

Somewhere along the way I got the notion in my head that I will write a Blog while I am at Teacher Training. There are two thoughts behind this. One, that I would like to journal about my experience and secondly, as a way to keep in touch with friends and family in the outside world. Of course, this decision comes some intrepidation.

  1. Firstly, will anybody be interested in reading my rantings about my daily experiences? I'm guessing that unless you have done Bikram yoga, that hearing detailed accounts of what the postures in each of the two classes per day were like it would hardly be nail biting stuff. (Yet for those of us that practice on a regular basis the daily insights and smallest of changes are fascinating to observe and discuss :-)

  2. Secondly, how is the fact I'm making my Blog public going to influence what I write? It is hard to describe what yoga has done for me as the journey to date has been filled with many emotionally highs and lows. Its amazing how yoga makes things "come up' for you both in the studio and outside of it. And though I try to just "observe and let go" it sometimes brings up distinctive insights into why I am the way I am and so I wonder if as much as I want to record these thoughts, whether I will feel comfortable expressing them to the outside world. I guess time will tell.

  3. Lastly, I am anxious about the fact I have never "Blogged" before and therefore I wonder if people will go to my site and see glaring mistakes or obvious things that should be changed. Note: I have not spent any time reading instructions on how to set up your blog etc etc, but rather have done it by the seat of my pants and just fudged my way through it. Hmmm.... a trait of the impatient Leo that I am.

  4. So, for anyone who is interested........ here goes. I'm making it public. To those who take the time to follow and read, I thank you. Please do leave comments so that I know you have been here. I hope that within the posts that follow you find some interesting reading and maybe even some inspiration to take up yoga. Namaste Stephanie xx


  1. blogging is like bikram to me. essentially, you're looking at yourself from every angle. you see all the flaws, there's very little to hide behind (unless you're one of those crazies in long pants and long sleeves...ok, sometimes that's me), and the only thing you can do is give it your all. its also rewarding like bikram. i've found out a ton about myself and those around me seem to understand me better and find me more peaceful and calm. i think you should let go and just let it flow like i'm sure you do in class. from what i've seen in your writing so far, its going to be a beautiful thing. :)

  2. Thank you, Grateful Yogini for your kind words and encouragement re. my Blogging efforts. I love your analogy of comparing it to a Bikram class. I will use that and hope that I find the same courage and strength in expressing myself as I have found in the hot room.
    Stephanie :-)

  3. I'm so happy for you and I'm looking forward to reading your blog.
    Carolyn x

  4. Hey beautiful

    Congratulations and well done on taking the big leap.

    You are a wonderful and amazing person gorgeous and I'm sure you'll fly through this with ease.

    Love you still.


  5. Wow, bit of a blast from the past to hear from you T. Trust life in NZ treating you well. I'll be back in Oz in July so may be able to catch up next time you're over.

    Thanks for your such positive support. Always greatly appreciated :-)

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  7. Yay a fellow Kiwi going to teacher training, I am planning on going to the fall training so it will be very exciting for me to follow your blog, looking forward to stories and hopefully a bit of advice. Cheers